CDHI: Counseling Services

Counseling Services

  Welcome to the Department of Rehabilitation Services
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Counseling Unit

The Counseling Unit provides:
 Individual counseling
 Couples counseling
 Family counseling
 Group counseling (i.e. wellness and support groups)
 Resources and referrals in the community
 Treatment  coordination with various agencies
 Consultations and educational presentations
Who can receive counseling service?
 Connecticut residents who are deaf, hard of hearing, or KODA/CODA (Hearing children or adults of Deaf parents) and their family members.
Accommodations are available upon request.

How can counselors assist?
 Work as a team to identify goals to accomplish (i.e. healthier relationships, cope with stressors including grief, identifying strengths)
 Stress management
 Deaf, Hard of Hearing, or KODA/CODA Identity
 Understanding and managing any degree or type of hearing loss
 Coping with life transitions
 Communication access
 Challenges at school, home, or work
How to make a Referral:
If you or someone you know would benefit from our services please follow these steps:

1) Complete referral form .
2) Send via one of the following:
  • Fax: 860-231-8746
  • Mail: DORS Deaf and Hard of Hearing Counseling Unit
           P.O Box 330730
           West Hartford, CT 06133-0730
3) A counselor will contact you to discuss referral prior to scheduling an intake.

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